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Gracefully Cursed; A comprehensive Guide on how to be unemployed!!

There is plenty of “How to Articles” on interviewing. Let’s take the time to talk about “What not to do” in an interview.

  • Arrive late- If you arrive late to an interview go ahead and hang it up. You gave away any chance you have of securing that job.  Plan accordingly for traffic jams; wake up early to make coffee, breakfast and if need be just skip the shower.  crazy owl no sleep
  • Dress inappropriately- This goes without saying but be sure to dress appropriate. Do not wear revealing clothes leave the club attire at home; make sure you look professional yet conservative. “ Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”    inappropriate dress for work
  • Be hung-over at the interview- So you got offered the chance to interview? Time to celebrate right? Nope wrong stay in tonight and do not go to the bar/club. No one wants to throw up in their potential employer’s waste basket.    Save the partying for after the interview
  • Poop in the recruiter’s potted plant- If you decide working is not for you then go ahead and poop in the recruiter’s potted plant. I am sure you will most definitely make an impression.

potted plant

  • Forget your resume – Completely forget to bring your resume to the interview. I must admit I have been guilty of this a few times. Do not assume your interviewer has a soft copy of your resume make sure to bring a complete, updated and professional resume to the interview that details your skill set, education and if available references.

Resume issues

  • Talk poorly about previous bosses- Never talk bad about a previous employer. This shows a distinct lack of professionalism and there is no place for that in the workplace or is there?

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-Jordan Lowry